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Sity Communications Inc. is a telecommunications equipment services company. We offer a suite of services aimed at Telecom Carriers and other network operators designed to extend the life of legacy communications equipment for our clients by avoiding un-needed network equipment upgrades due to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) discontinuance. We also provide an asset recovery service to maximize the value of unused and end of life network equipment. An overview of our services is below:

Supply: We stock a wide range of tested and refurbished network equipment from multiple OEMs that spans the Wireline and Wireless network. Our Multi-vendor test and repair lab provides tested and refurbished network equipment with OEM quality, allowing us to stand behind our warranty.

Repair Service: We have in house component level repair capability for over 160 different OEM platforms that spans both Wireline and Wireless network equipment with strong reverse engineering capability which results in a very high repair success rate. We support both legacy equipment which has been discontinued as well as current network equipment, both supported by the OEM. We provide repair services when the OEM has discontinued the product, and we can provide a more cost effective alternative to an OEM maintenance or repair contract.

Legacy Hardware Redesign and Remanufacturing Services: When replacement components become obsolete, repair becomes more difficult and more costly. We have the capability in-house to reverse engineer and redesign/retrofit older hardware with modern equivalent components that are available. This allows us to remanufacture and produce a replacement circuit board which works as a direct replacement for the older circuit board, extending the life of the hardware.

Consignment Service: We have been in the secondary market equipment business since 1999, have over 100 years of combined industry experience, and a global customer base that includes some of the world’s largest telecom carriers. We are well qualified and positioned to accurately value, store and re-market unused and decommissioned network equipment ensuring our clients get the maximum value on their assets. Our 47,000 square foot modern, state of the art facility has over 30,000 square feet of quality warehouse space.

How Sity Communications can help you

• Equipment Testing and Repair
• Engineering
• Phone Support

• Site Surveys
• Advance Replacement
• Asset Recovery
• Asset Evaluation
• Installation/De-installation
• Consignment
• Spare Inventory Management