Outreach Programs

Sharing our Success with Others

While we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality products, we realize there is more to life than Telecom.  Sity Communications donates a portion of our profits to programs both at home and abroad that assist those in need. Some of the projects we have supported are highlighted below.

The ProPeru Service Corps:
Millions of people around the world suffer health conditions as a result of indoor air pollution from the stoves they use to cook their food. The ProPeru Service Corps is a non-profit organization that has developed a low cost, sustainable & safe stove design.
Approximately 3,500 ProPeru stoves have been installed with great success and immediate benefits. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________       right
  • 12% increase in lung capacity only three months after installation
  • The stove saves each family an estimated $40 USD in reduced wood costs per year(a fortune to families living in extreme poverty).
  • The ProPeru stove is approved by the Pan American Organization for Health for its effectiveness in removing the danger from smoke inhalation in homes.
  • Two Sity employees recently traveled to Peru to observe firsthand the incredible impact of this program in poor communities, and we have made an ongoing financial pledge to support.
ACT (AIDS Care & Treatment):
American educator Cary Sink is working to address the social, emotional, educational and spiritual needs families are affected by HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. The families that are served in the project are the most desperate of the poor, spread throughout five specific neighborhoods in the city. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________       pjimage (1)
  • 740 children involved in the project live in single parent homes and are either at-risk for abuse, homelessness, and disease or are currently in crisis.
  • Sity Communications has been able to partner with Cary in providing for her work with these children.
  • Her role involves a range of ministry facets: coordinating orphan care, overseeing tutoring programs, trauma and crisis management, and facilitating support groups.
Excerpts from a Thank You Letter:

“What a place of contrast we saw at Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage and Uganda. The beautiful and lovely were the healthy children, the flamboyant birds, incredible sunsets, rainbow, laughter and unspoiled nature.”


“There are about 400 children in the orphanage and they are organized in houses by age and supervised by Ugandan Christian aunties. Most of the children go to school on the campus and are taught by African teachers in very crowded classrooms.”


“Our team men, crushed rocks, spread rock around buildings, installed a cement sidewalk that was wheelchair accessible. The women sorted children’s clothes into sizes and assigned one set to each child.”


“We sorted and categorized books, met with the other missionaries, taught the aunties bible study skills and helped these same women learn to make jewelry which they could sell for a profit. We also led children and adult devotions, observed and helped in classrooms and helped to serve the lunch.”

Giving Special Children Tools to Excel in North Carolina:
Betsy Foreman teaches in a school district that has integrated several Autistic children into mainstreamed classrooms, & Betsy & her colleagues have learned new skills to ensure their special students achieve success and growth in the classroom.
After working with administrators, occupational therapists and Autism experts, Betsy and her colleagues identified a list of materials that would benefit these kids.
Break-Box-300x300 Sity Communications donated the necessary materials and this year, the kids and teachers at Betsy’s school will have access to therapeutic tools, including equipment to help them work through increased stress and anxiety. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Providing School Supplies to Children in Ethiopia:
When Sity employee, Miriam Surafel learned that Cary Sink, an educator from North Carolina, was moving to Ethiopia to teach, she asked Ms. Sink if there was anything her students needed. A native of Ethiopia herself, Surafel understands that some children in her home country face desperate poverty and wanted to help. Sink, who teaches at Bingham Academy in the capital city of Addis Ababa, graciously accepted the offer, but felt the donation would be most needed by the street children who participate in her after-school club.
ethioscholl2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Many of these children work in the market outside the sheltered Academy, and cannot afford simple items like pens and pencils. “There is one little boy” she wrote, “that shines shoes outside our gate to make enough money to provide for his brothers and sisters because his parents are both deceased.”


Sity donated over 100 sets of school supplies to the children in Ms. Sink’s after-school program. Now much needed writing supplies are being distributed to some of Addis Ababa’s most needy students. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________