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Good Shepherds Fold Orphanage

Excerpts from a Thank You Letter:

Children in Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage and Uganda

“What a place of contrast we saw at Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage and Uganda. The beautiful and lovely were the healthy children, the flamboyant birds, incredible sunsets, rainbow, laughter and unspoiled nature.”

“There are about 400 children in the orphanage and they are organized in houses by age and supervised by Ugandan Christian aunties. Most of the children go to school on the campus and are taught by African teachers in very crowded classrooms.”

“Our team of men crushed rocks, spread rock around buildings, installed a cement sidewalk that was wheelchair accessible. The women sorted children’s clothes into sizes and assigned one set to each child.”

“We sorted and categorized books, met with the other missionaries, taught the aunties bible study skills and helped these same women learn to make jewelry which they could sell for a profit. We also led children and adult devotions, observed and helped in classrooms and helped to serve the lunch.”