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Telecom Asset Recovery

The equipment brokerage business is the core transactional business upon which Sity was founded upon, where we sell a combination of new and refurbished equipment obtained from a variety of manufacturers to carriers. This allows our customers to make multi-vendor purchasing decisions from a single cost-effective source.

We offer carriers multiple categories of telecommunications infrastructure equipment to address their specific and changing equipment requirements, primarily for network maintenance and incremental network expansions.

We support analog, T1/E1, T3/E3, SONET, SDH, TDMA, CDMA, and GSM for voice communications and WAN, LAN, international access servers, and various other data products for data communications.

We have a database of over 14,000 different items from over 400 different manufacturers. Many of these items are either immediately available in our physical inventory or readily available from one of our supply sources, including carriers, resellers, and manufacturers. We offer to our customers many of the same terms and conditions of the original manufacturer’s warranty on all new equipment. On re-used equipment, we offer our own warranty which guarantees that the equipment will perform up to the manufacturer’s original specifications.