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Reverse Logistics

Sity Repair understands that reverse logistics serves a critical role in the supply chain process. This important function significantly affects inventory availability, impacting decisions on what to repair/refurbish and replenish, so there is enough inventory in the pipeline to meet client commitments. Sity customizes the reverse supply chain process for each client’s specific needs, ensuring that returns procedures are as efficient and effective as possible to reduce operating expense as well as inventory investments.

Specifically, We Offer Our Customers:
  • Customized, client-specific return processes including warranty tracking
  • Complete item tracking throughout entire supply chain to serial number level
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Part number receipt process ensures shipped items match for valid part substitutions
  • Active outstanding engineer/client/repair vendor inventory tracking
  • Repair vendor tracking and performance measurements
  • Closed-loop service supply chain asset management
  • Reduced inventory investment
  • Variable cost solution based on actual returns
  • Flexible returns solutions for third-party logistics service providers as well as employees
  • Logistics process that easily interfaces with planning and repair