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Telecom Network Supply

Although carriers have traditionally relied on OEMs to dispose of excess assets, many have come to recognize the need for a single, vendor-agnostic partner who can aggregate the diverse technologies and manufacturers in the network and can optimize the return on these assets. Sity Recovery is a comprehensive program that works alongside carriers’ own network planners to help identify and realize value from excess and under-utilized network equipment. Sity then evaluates and recommends appropriate disposition options, to either re-deploy the equipment elsewhere in the carriers’ network, thereby reducing the reliance on new equipment purchase for legacy network maintenance, or remarketing these assets to generate a new source of revenue.

New and De-Installed OEM Original Network Equipment

  • Asset Management
  • Equipment Reuse and Reconfiguration
  • Extensive Multi-Vendor Equipment Supply
  • Legacy Equipment Trade-Ins
  • System Configuration
  • Ultra-Fast Equipment Delivery
  • Upgrades and Replacement Parts