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Telecom Testing and Telecom Repair Services

The Sity Repair capabilities include the repair and testing of a broad range of wireless, wireline, and data products and technologies. We have the ability to test products in-house or outsource with certified partners. Our repair and testing facilities are certified to ISO 9000:2001 and TL9000 standards representing, our clear commitment to quality. In-house repair is conducted at our Execution and Deployment Center in Plano, Texas.

Over 10,000 Units Tested and Repaired Annually

  • Broad Multi-Vendor Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Performance Warranty
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Out of Warranty and Obsolete Product Support
  • TL 9000 / ISO 9000 Certified

Sity Repair supports our customers’ requirements for a high level of quality and reliability and a lower cost of ownership to address the demands of legacy network maintenance. Traditionally, carriers have relied on the OEM to repair equipment. However, OEMs have redirected more of their internal resources to their core competencies of new technology development and installation. Additionally, OEMs are outsourcing the manufacturing of a product to third parties whose business model does not support the timely and cost-effective repair of equipment. As a result, carriers have experienced higher costs and longer turnaround times which drives up the cost of network maintenance and increases the potential risk of revenue loss from network downtime. Therefore, we believe the opportunity exists to provide repair support that delivers cost savings and faster turnaround times and mitigates risk to the carrier.