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We provide custom configurations to help operators deploy new technologies or redeploy existing equipment assets. Our services include unique engineered solutions to customer-defined configurations, “rack-n-stack” and kitting and staging, testing and verification to specifications, and ancillary equipment procurement.

Wireline Product Families

  • Product Offerings
  • Transmission/ switch equipment
  • Span and termination equipment
  • Voice Treatment / Special Services Products
  • Power equipment
  • Central office hardware
  • Racks, Cabinets, Duplexers
  • Filters, Face Panels and more

Wireless Product Families

  • Sity’s wireless product sales are a combination of cell sites, Sity’s components and relates services.
  • Product Offerings
  • Cell sites
  • Cell site equipment
  • Transmission equipment
  • Switch / access equipment
  • Power equipment
  • Microwave / RF equipment
  • Telco Interface frame
  • Racks, Cabinets, Duplexers, Filters, Face Panels and more